Selected Videos

To people who like watching and listening more than reading here is a page where you can see best videos from youtube about Latvia.

A short course about Latvian History made by myself.

My own made video showing beauties of Latvia

Another video about history of Latvia

A video about Latvian Rifleman

Informative video about Latvian Waffen SS Legion

Part from Latvian Documentary the Soviet Story

Soviet story about true face of Socialism

The declaration of restoration of independence in 199o. 4. may.

Barricade movement in Riga January 1991.

Latvian Music

Latvian folk music

Most powerful Latvian choir song the Sun, Thunder, Daugava

Popular choir song Blow The Wind

Song by popular rock/pop band Brainstorm. Song won third place in Eurovision song contest

Latvian triumph song in Eurovision in 2002.

Queen of Latvian Jazz Linda Leen sings Leonard Cohen classic peace Hallelujah

One of the most talented Latvian actress Dita Lūriņa

King of Latvian Jazz Intars Busulis

King of Latvian Rap Gustavo

Gods of Latvian Rock- Līvi

Latvian Depeche Mode- The Jumprava

Latvian rock band Remix

Worlds best classical singer Elina Garanca

Best moments of Latvian Ice Hockey. My own made video

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